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Maybe you're not a lawyer but you'd still like to help. There are other opportunities for you to get involved! Read more

Why get involved?

We support pro bono lawyers so that they can take on a case from start to finish. That means that our pro bono lawyers help a child, young person or their parent prepare and submit an application for citizenship or permission to reside in the UK. Read more

Cases we take

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Kids in Need of Defence UK would like to thank its generous supporters; together we protect a child's right to dream. Read more

How we do it

Kids in Need of Defense UK partners with law firms and businesses. Their lawyers can then provide free legal representation to children and young people. We call them our pro bono lawyers because they give their time for the public good; not profit. Read more

Why we do it

Research estimates that there are over 120,000 undocumented children in the UK. Some of them are British but unable to prove it, many of them have a legal entitlement to British citizenship; even more would suffer human rights violations if they had to leave the UK. Read more

Where your money goes

You can change a child's life, forever. We maximise the impact of your donation by sharing our legal expertise so that pro bono lawyers can uphold the rights of migrant children. Read more


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