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Where we work

You can find out here which cities we currently operate in and which case types we can help with in each city.

Path to Papers

We run Path to Papers, a website which helps people to find out whether they may be eligible for British citizenship. The website is completely anonymous and doesn’t track data. If you’re not feeling ready to contact us about your immigration status yet then Path to Papers is a good place to start.  


JustRight Scotland‘s supervising lawyer is based in Glasgow and works with law firms in Glasgow and Edinburgh. They currently provide assistance with complex immigration and citizenship matters which cannot be properly supported by legal aid alone. 

West Midlands

Central England Law Centre’s supervising lawyer works with law firms in Birmingham city centre. Our Birmingham pro bono lawyers can help with citizenship applications. 


Three of our supervising lawyers work with eight different pro bono partners in central London. Our pro bono lawyers are supported by Coram Children’s Legal Centre and MiCLU and can help with citizenship and long residence applications.