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Advice for children and young people from Ukraine [EN]

Ця інформація також доступна українською мовою / This page is also available in Ukrainian

Kids in Need of Defense UK (KIND UK) offers free advice for children and young people who are currently in or have left Ukraine who wish to apply to come to the UK or extend their stay in the UK. We prioritise assistance for children who are separated from their family members.

Information about how to apply to the UK’s visa schemes for people from Ukraine is available here:

Ukraine Sponsorship scheme (Homes for Ukraine)

Ukraine Family Scheme

Ukraine Extension Scheme (for people already in the UK)

We maintain a list of other resources and organisations which may be helpful to people who are fleeing or have fled Ukraine

What we offer:

  • Confidential initial advice about the UK’s Ukraine schemes
  • Signposting to other organisations where appropriate
  • Possibility of providing further advice or assistance with an application where appropriate

* In some circumstances, we might be able to assist even if the applicant does not meet all the requirements of one of the UK’s Ukraine schemes.

What we cannot offer:

  • We are not able to help find sponsors in the UK. Information about how to find sponsors is available here from the UK Government and here from a voluntary organisation, Ukrainian Refugee Help. Please take precautions to find a suitable sponsor.
  • We do not assist with applications for refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK, but we may sometimes be able to help people from Ukraine who are in the UK and wish to claim asylum to find a legal representative.

KIND UK is not responsible for the content on other organisations’ webpages and cannot guarantee their accuracy.

How our service works:

You can email us with queries at

We aim to respond to emails within 2-5 working days, but there may be delays if demand is high. Our capacity is limited, and we may not be able to assist everyone who contacts us. We will normally respond by email, but we may arrange a call if that would be more suitable. If you need an interpreter, please let us know and specify what language(s) you speak.

If emailing us for advice about a specific child or young person, it may help to provide the following information (if relevant to your query):

  • Age of child or young person
  • The nationality of the child or young person and their parents/guardians
  • In what city and country the child or young person is currently living
  • A brief summary of child or young person’s current circumstances (for example, who they live with and what their relationship is, where their family is if not together, who is or will be sponsoring and caring for the child or young person in the UK, any current risks, etc)
  • If the child/young person has already applied to come to the UK, when and what type of application was made
  • How and when to reach you by telephone, if that is possible
  • If you are enquiring about someone other than yourself, your name, job title, and connection to the child/young person

If you are writing with a general query you may not need to include personal information such as: child’s name, exact date of birth, address, or other potentially sensitive information.

KIND UK provides free legal assistance to hundreds of children each year, helping them to improve their immigration status or become British citizens. We work with a range of partner organisations in the UK and collaborate with KIND in the United States and Europe. For more information see: