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British Citizenship for Children: A Guide from KIND UK

In this guide:

1. British Citizenship

2. Discretionary Citizenship

3. The Illegal Migration Act (2023)

4. The Good Character Requirement

>5. Useful Resources & More Information

5.1 KIND UK Service 

KIND UK provides free legal advice and representation to children, young people and families going through the UK’s immigration and nationality procedures. PLEASE NOTE that we are experiencing high demand for our service and our current average waiting time is nine months.

We take on cases of:

  • Children and young people anywhere in the UK aged 0 to 18
  • Applications for UK citizenship
  • Applications for leave to remain in the UK
  • If you are unsure about what you need, our lawyers can advise you.

For more information on our service and how to access it, see here.

5.2 KIND UK Resources

KIND UK has resources available to help young people and families, lawyers, and professionals working with young people. These include:

  • Explainers about British citizenship 
  • Summary of routes to immigration status and citizenship 
  • Briefings on various topics relating to children’s immigration and citizenship issues 
  • Case studies

5.3 Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens guide

Guide is available here