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Resources for Professionals Working with Children

KIND UK produces a variety of resources targeted at professionals who work with children. If you’re a lawyer or legal professional, a parent, or a young person you may find more helpful information in our resources sections for those groups.


Case studies

Case Study: Atu and Ebo

Children in need, NRPF, disabilities, inadequate legal advice.

Case Study: Tarin and Family

Support for EEA children in need, pending Pre-Settled Status.

Case Study: Lena

Child in Need, adult sibling, domestic violence.

Case study: Gemma

Child in Need and family, EU Pre-Settled Status.

Case Study: Marco

Child in care: EEA national, good character requirement. 

Care Study: Khalima

Child in need taken into care, EU Settled Status for relative of EEA national, domestic… Read More »Care Study: Khalima

Case Study: Marco

Issues: Child in care > EEA national > good character requirementDownload this case study as… Read More »Case Study: Marco

Case Study: Lena

Issues: Child in Need > adult sibling > domestic violence Lena was born in a… Read More »Case Study: Lena