We currently help children and young people make applications for citizenship and leave to remain. You can check here whether we cover the type of application you need to make.


We want to make sure children are accessing their entitlement to British citizenship as early as possible. Our pro bono lawyers can help throughout the application process.

A child may be eligible to register as a British citizen because of when and where they were born or through one or both of their parents’ immigration or citizenship status. To find out more about whether you or a child you know may be eligible to register as a British citizen visit Path to Papers and answer a few simple questions.

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Long residence

It is possible to apply for permission to stay in the UK when a child or young person has lived here for seven years or more, and it would be unreasonable to expect them to leave the UK.

These applications are not usually straightforward and require careful preparation. It’s important to understand that just having lived in the UK for seven years is not sufficient to meet the requirements of the immigration rules. Once we assess a case as being suitable our pro bono lawyers will help throughout the application process.

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