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Law firms & pro-bono lawyers

Kids in Need of Defense UK – a unique pro bono opportunity: click here to download our leaflet for lawyers and law firms

We provide free legal advice and representation to undocumented children and young people via our partnerships with lawyers and law firms across the country.

We offer a unique pro bono opportunity, with no immigration experience needed – all training and supervision is provided by our expert immigration lawyers.

Taking on Kids in Need of Defense UK cases means making a commitment to children and young people who would not otherwise be able to access legal representation. By partnering with KIND UK, by volunteering your time and expertise, you can help change the course of a child’s life forever.

For lawyers

  • Deliver end-to-end casework
  • No immigration experience required – our experienced immigration lawyers provide full training and supervision
  • Support a diverse range of clients – families of over 40 nationalities and young people from under 5 to 18
  • KIND Community – talks from senior lawyers and KIND clients, networking events, workshops and peer support

For law firms

  • A unique pro bono opportunity
  • Securing life-changing impacts for children, young people and families through a successful partnership
  • We ask our partner firms to make a financial contribution to cover the cost of training and supervision

Undocumented children

There are over 215,000 undocumented children living in the UK today.[1] Some undocumented children are British but unable to prove it, many have an entitlement to be registered as British.. Many have lived in the UK all or most of their lives. Others are victims of trafficking or exploitation, or have fled from war. Many have only ever known the UK as their home.

Becoming documented can mean everything to a child or young person. It ends the risk of being torn apart from their family and home, or being deported to a country they do not know. It means they can access work, higher education and all of life’s opportunities freely as they become adults.

For some it means the difference between life and death – many face removal to countries that are not safe, or where they risk exploitation and human rights abuses.

Changing lives though pro bono representation

Undocumented children and young people face many barriers to gaining status in the UK. Cuts to legal aid and local government funding mean that undocumented children and young people find it harder than ever to get the legal help they need as they navigate the complex immigration system. At the same time, we’re seeing an increase in the number of people who need legal advice and representation.

In order to increase our capacity to meet the legal needs of children and young people, we aim to harness the skills and expertise of the UK’s legal community via our pro bono partner programme.

We support pro bono lawyers so that they can take on a case from start to finish. That means that our lawyers help a child, young person or their parent prepare and submit an application for citizenship or permission to reside in the UK.

Our pro bono lawyers are not immigration specialists, which is why we provide training and close supervision throughout the process. Our expert supervising lawyers come to your office so that you can fit your pro bono work around your job.

Kids in Need of Defense UK pro bono partners receive training from an experienced immigration lawyer, legal resources and template documents. Our supervising lawyers are on hand to answer queries, attend client appointments with pro bono lawyers and check work.

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Annie Cooper
National Coordinator