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There are over 100,000 undocumented children in the UK. Your donations ensure we don’t have to turn any away.

In 2013 the scope of legal aid for immigration cases was drastically reduced. In England and Wales, only children with international protection claims are automatically eligible for free legal representation. Unable to navigate the complexities of the UK immigration system on their own, children and young people with cases outside of the scope of legal aid are effectively excluded from the justice system.

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Your donation will help us pay for the costs of running our programme –

  • Supervising solicitors
    Lawyers at our partner firms are supported and advised by specialist immigration solicitors, who KIND employs. Your donation helps us afford more supervisors, growing our capacity to safeguard the rights of migrant and undocumented children.
  • Outreach
    KIND works to ensure every child who can benefit from our programme, is aware of it; one of the biggest problems some of our clients and their legal guardians face is not knowing that they need to take action in the first place. Your donation lets us spend time and resources reaching out to children, young people, and families.
  • Support activities
    We use a small amount of our donation income to pay for the costs of administering our programme, monitoring the work that we do, and allowing our legal advisors to most efficiently use their time.