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Referral Sent

Thanks for completing the referral form. We’ll handle things from here – someone from our team will arrange to speak with you by phone or email, depending on which you indicated you prefer.

What happens next?

Your referral form has been sent to our admin team, who will review it and be in contact with you sometime in the next two weeks. If you want to make changes to your form, you can use the link in the email you will have been sent.

When our team contacts you, they will explain the next stage of the process – in most cases, if we can help you, we’ll put you on our waiting list until a supervisor and a team becomes available to start working on your case. We do this to ensure everyone gets treated fairly and equally. We prioritise very urgent applications, and our non-urgent waiting list is quite long; when we call you back, we will give you an estimate of how long it will take to assign you to a supervisor and team.

What if I want to contact someone?

Please don’t contact us if it’s been less than three weeks since your referral was submitted.

If there is a problem with your referral, or you want to withdraw your referral, please contact us on It’s very helpful if you include the date you submitted the referral form, and the name of the child, in that email.