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Because every child has the right to dream

Of the tens of thousands of children and young people in the UK with unresolved immigration issues many have an entitlement to British citizenship or a right to remain.

People with unresolved immigration issues are vulnerable to exploitation, homelessness and abuse. Young people are prevented accessing higher education and employment and they are at risk of being removed to a country they may have never lived in. We want to eliminate the barriers children and young face in resolving their immigration issues so that they can realise their full potential

In 2013 the scope of legal aid for immigration cases was drastically reduced. In England and Wales, only children with international protection claims are automatically eligible for free legal representation. Unable to navigate the complexities of the UK immigration system on their own, children and young people with cases outside of the scope of legal aid are effectively excluded from the justice system.

Kids in Need of Defense UK seeks to harness the good will, the expertise and the resources of our pro bono partners to enable access to justice for children and young people.