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How we spend your money

One full time Kids in Need of Defense UK lawyer can facilitate legal representation for up to 100 children and young people in one year. That means that one of our lawyers can unlock an average of £1.1m worth of legal work from our pro bono partners. 

For every £1 spent we can leverage £7 of legal assistance for a child or young person. 

Annual Budget breakdown

£413,000 covers the cost of our supervisors, who oversee and advise the pro bono lawyers who handle our cases.

£24,000 covers the cost of our referrals infrastructure, making sure our services reach those who need them most, as quickly as possible.

£92,000 pays for our national coordinators, our IT infrastructure, and the other tools and staff which directly support our work with clients.

£75,000 is allocated to communication, publicity, policy influence and evaluation, allowing us to expand our reach and help more children directly by legal work and indirectly by working to change public policy at all levels of government. It also allows us to measure our impact and advocate more effectively for change.

We allocate £45,000 annually for developing our service and the costs of growth.