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Ola: A British Love Story Against All Odds

We asked ourselves, how do you tell the story of undocumented youth without getting all lawyerish about it? Well here’s how! 

PositiveNegatives produce comics, animations and podcasts about contemporary social and humanitarian issues. They combine ethnographic research with illustration, adapting personal stories into art, education and advocacy materials. Together with artist, Asia Alfasi and youth activists, Let Us Learn they have produced the story of Ola.

Despite being smart, outgoing and popular Ola is desperately trying to keep a secret from her friends. At the start of the school year she meets a new transfer student, Sai. As Ola and Sai get to know each other their connection begins to grow, that is, until Ola’s secrets start to catch up to her…

You can read a new instalment of Ola every Monday and Thursday on Webtoons