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SLRA Briefing for local authorities: the Illegal Migration Act

We contributed to South London Refugee Association’s briefing for local authorities on the impact of the Illegal Migration Act 2023 and best practice for working with children who may be affected by it.

KIND UK continues to work with local authorities and other stakeholders to protect and secure the rights of children in care, especially those with insecure or irregular immigration status. As of 2021, an estimated 10% of children in care and 19,000 care leavers have unresolved immigration issues. Many provisions of the Illegal Migration Act do not have intrinsic exemptions for children or people in care, making it vital that children in care have access to good quality, timely, specialist immigration advice.

The most up-to-date version of this resource is available from SLRA’s resource on their Immigration Support Pledge at point (5). The copy archived here was taken on January 23rd, 2024.