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CELC, CIAS and CAB Away Day 2023

What is KIND UK?

KIND UK is a project which provides support and representation to undocumented children and young people in the UK, primarily to help them obtain citizenship. We work with children and families everywhere in the UK, but CELC is our main host organisation. We then leverage pro bono support from corporate law firms to represent our service-users and make citizenship applications on their behalf.

What services do we offer?

We provide immigration advice for children, and we represent children who can obtain citizenship through registration or some discretionary applications. In addition we can provide advice to social workers and other professionals regarding children’s citizenship and nationality. This may result in legal advice to the child’s parent, guardian, or social worker; or we may recommend a child or young person be referred into our project and represented. You can direct parents to fill in our referral form if their child or minor family member may be suitable for our project, or email us if you have a professional enquiry.

We also have a project for Ukrainian resident children, young people, and families who don’t qualify for Homes for Ukraine or Families for Ukraine, which is currently taking on a very small number of cases. There is more detail on our Ukraine project page and some content is also available in Ukrainian.

Who can we take?

We almost exclusively work with children and young people under 18, with a very small number of exceptions for young people under 25. We don’t make leave applications in Coventry and Birmingham – our service is targeted at children who need to obtain citizenship only. These are mainly children who have been brought to the UK at a young age or were born here, and in many cases their citizenship or nationality issues only come to light as they approach adulthood. We currently have a project to encourage professionals working with children and young people to evaluate and recognise potential nationality issues at an earlier stage.

Indicators a child might have a nationality issue include (but are not limited to)

  • Parent(s) being subject to immigration controls or enforcement, including any Hostile Environment policies
  • Parent(s) being undocumented (or working in the informal economy)
  • Parent(s) being in the UK as refugees
  • Child not being able to obtain a passport e.g. for a school trip
  • Child not receiving a National Insurance number at 16
  • Child not able to obtain Student Finance while applying for university

We don’t handle asylum applications – please contact the CELC Immigration Team if a client or service-user is a refugee or claiming asylum. However, the children of refugees may be suitable for our services. The CELC immigration team can also cross-refer to us.

How do I make a referral?

Use our referral form at, or have the child’s parent or guardian fill it in.

We are not a crisis service – if you have immediate concerns about a child or young person’s legal situation (e.g. they or their family have been notified that they are subject to removal), please contact the CELC Immigration Team.

I have a question which isn’t a referral

Email for professional enquiries only. You can also email for project enquiries (not legal advice).