One full time Kids in Need of Defense UK lawyer can facilitate legal representation for up to 75 children and young people in one year. That means that one of our lawyers can unlock over £500,000 worth of legal work from our pro bono partners.

We currently have five part time specialist lawyers working across four hubs.

For every £1 spent we can leverage £4 of legal assistance for a child or young person.

Annual Budget breakdown

  • £150,000 covers the cost of our lawyers, a national coordinator and some technical support
  • £65,000 covers the costs of project management, office and support costs
  • £40,00 covers the program costs like running our website and case management system

Creating a sustainable future

Our first year in operation has seen us lay the foundations for an exciting program of pro bono work that makes a real difference to the children and young people who need our help the most.

We have grown from three hubs to four and from three specialist lawyers to five. Our growth reflects the very real need of the thousands of children who cannot access their rights without legal assistance and the commitment of our pro bono partners.   

Spring 2019 will see us come to the end of our pilot phase which was funded by pioneering organisations. We want to make sure the Kids in Need of Defense UK continues long beyond 2019 and for that, we need your help. 

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